Via della Repubblica ,3 62017 Porto Recanati
Via del Rosso Conero
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Via del Rosso Conero

Via del Rosso Conero: Conero‟s promontory is the ideal environment to cultivate red grapes. Montepulciano grapes grown on a calceric soil, constantly beaten by sea gallows. Therefore, Rosso Conero wine is very typical. Along the Rosso Conero itinerary, [GINESTRE CORBEZZOLI E LIGUSTRI] there are many different grape fields either on cliffs or on the hills. Rosso Conero wine deserves great attention, and it can be easily found in the [cantine] spread among the area.

Wine. A D.o.C. Italian wine since 1967, it has only recently raised to National popularity. But still, it has all the characteristics to be one of the greatest Italian wines. Area of production: it is made on the Mount Conero‟s promontory, south east of Ancona and on the surrounding hills.