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Via del Verdicchio
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Via del Verdicchio

Via del Verdicchio. The town of Jesi is the starting point of this itinerary. Jesi is the core of Verdicchio wine‟s production area. Verdicchio has lately become one of the most appreciated wines of the Italian peninsula. It represents more than half of the D.O.C. [CERCARE IN INGLESE] production in this region because of the perfect environment of the Marche region. The middle and upper valley of Esino are the best areas for Verdicchio.

Anywhere else, Verdiccio wine loses its flavor. Verdicchio grapes bloom during the first ten days of October. It is not easy to forecast when it blooms, though. The Verdicchio wine made in Jesi is totally different from the one made in Matelica. Matelica‟s grapes bloom in a valley characterized by a continental clime.

Matelica‟s Verdicchio wine has a lower productivity because the grapes bloom later and are more acid. These features guarantees for a long time conservation of the bottles. Verdicchio‟s wine have not always been that famous.