Bikini, whole, pareo provided in multicolor prints with strong colors, bright colors, in contrast.

Multicolor prints are worn on the beach this year. In the fashion shows and in the specialized magazines we find all sorts of them: from flowers to ethnic designs, from the most unlikely fantasies to the geometric ones, the squares and the polka dots. To combine together according to your taste and your imagination. The models are simple to bring out the prints. And your body. And if our body does not fall into the category of „one meter eighty for a size 38“, open your ears well and repeat this mantra: „the time of Twiggy and toothpicks is over“. In fashion, and highly appreciated, is the „curvy“. We see it in the passarelle. The glossy magazines show it from the covers. The uprising of the curvy woman is in progress. But how do we highlight our curves? High-waisted bikini to hide a bit of belly, preferring patterns with small prints, or thin vertical lines that refine and distract the look „from critical points“. Play on accessories. A beautiful sarong, a showy and long necklace, which points the eyes on a beautiful breast, perhaps enhanced by a balcony with bright and eye-catching colors. And if just the two pieces is not in your ropes? Another nice new 2018: the whole costume comes back strongly in fashion.

There are really models for all tastes and for all needs. Shorts models to hold and shape the seat, with inserts for the sides and belly, with a modeling bra to highlight the right shapes.