Forget bucket and scoop. No more snowshoes and beach shoes. The ball is banned.
This year at sea you play fresbee!
But not the usual fresbee, rigid and … potentially dangerous. The cool of summer 2018 is the soft fresbee, in colorful rubber, or canvas with images of our children’s cartoon heroes.
From the smallest to the biggest, under the beautiful sun of our beaches, everyone will have fun inventing the most acrobatic throws and the most exhilarating challenges.
A fun, engaging, dynamic sport. To be played in pairs or in teams. Finally the reach of the little ones, because the soft fresbee is safe for them too. And it is also safe for our parasol neighbors, who will not have to fear any … „header“.
Obviously respect and good education also apply to this game. So we try to choose a less crowded beach handkerchief and to maintain civil tones. When the other swimmers see how easy and fun it is, let’s challenge them to make two pitches.
Nobody will be able to resist. Not even our beloved Fido.
Even fitness enthusiasts have resisted the temptation and have invented whole workouts with this new „tool“.
Then? Are you ready for the challenge? You have no excuse: you find it everywhere now, even on newsstands, it costs very little, it is light and fits very well even in the most bulky bags. And do not forget to let yourself be immortalized in your most spectacular launch. We wait for the photos.