Those who choose to spend their summer holidays on the campsite are usually a person willing to abandon the comforts of every day, has a strong spirit of adaptation, determined to live an experience characterized by essentiality and proximity.

However even the most adventurous need to organize their departure by making a list of things to bring. What we offer is a series of useful tips to all, designed to respond to the main needs of the camper so that he can live as peacefully as possible the days available outside the home.

The first aspect to consider concerns rest. If our goal is to spend a period of total relaxation, we can not neglect the wellbeing of sleep and, far from the comfortable bed at home, we must identify – based on our habits and physical possibilities – the best solutions for not passing our nights in white. As for the choice of sleeping bag: in the summer it is good to choose a sleeping bag not too heavy, maybe a “covered” rather than a “full coverage” model. The mattress instead is available in stores in two types: foam mats (of polyurethane foam), light and rather robust; or inflatable mattresses, cheaper but less practical. The choice in this case is linked not only to the need for comfort but also to the need to bring with it, if you opt for the inflatable solution, everything necessary to inflate it (electric or pedal pump). We also recommend inflatable pillows to support your head.

Once the essential for the night is taken care of, the second equally important issue concerns the kitchen. If you are planning to bring back the camp stove, you should pay attention to some recommendations: put a small screen around the flame to prevent the wind from causing very serious damage and get steel cookware (not aluminum) for cooking. Bring with you a good amount of precooked food and various cans, useful in situations of discomfort, which can always happen when you are outdoors. For water, however, a bottle can be very useful, to be filled periodically. Also remember the cutlery and basins where you can store them, then wash them.

After a few days it will be essential to wash your clothes and to do this it is advisable to buy a liquid soap and a rope on which to hang your clothes washed.
Keeping a good personal hygiene at the campsite is possible if you are equipped. The campsite’s bathroom is usually crowded, so you need to bring small, handy items and try to get around the busy times. Assemble all the normal bath items that you normally use in the “mini” version of 50ml or 100ml: bubble bath, shampoo, deodorant, soaps, nail clippers, shaving material, moisturizers, and so on! Even a good dose of toilet paper can save us from embarrassing situations. Finally, small towels and beach slippers are essential accessories to take with you.

Especially in summer and if you have small children with you, a good sunscreen is essential: you spend several hours in the open air and you need to sprinkle well to avoid annoying sunburn. Even a good kit of various medicines should always be kept in the bag, as it can be useful to buy repellents spray against mosquitoes and other insects.

In case of small accidents, finally, it is good to have a first aid kit with you, and maybe read some manual to be prepared in case of emergency.