Have you decided to please the children’s insistent requests and to venture into this experience? Know that, for you too, it will be an opportunity for recreation and relaxation, which will remain in your heart.
But for this to happen, you need to consider some things, all the more important, if starting from the whole family.
Choosing a good tent is just the initial step. Mattresses and a sleeping bag chosen with criteria will not make you regret the comfortable beds at home. For sleeping bags, pondera the place you want to go camping, considering the heaviness of the padding and the appropriate model. You do not need to study the “Decalogue of the good Boy Scout” to guess the model: every sleeping bag has in the label all the information you need.
To eat, drink and wash, usually the campsites (small note: if you want to go camping, forget you can place the tent in any clearing that comes to mind.In Italy the free camping is prohibited in almost all municipalities), they offer everything you need: from common barbecues, to bathrooms, to tanks for rinsing clothes and provisions. But if you really want to do it yourself, a small camp stove is what you need. Simple to use and absolutely practical. Food can be stored in portable coolers. Nowadays also those that are recharged from the car’s cigar cigars can be found on the market. Nothing more functional.
Last essential elements are: the flashlight to move, a hanging lamp to hang in a tent, padlocks to ensure the privacy of the tent and a first aid kit.

And if this adventure does not convince you at all?
There are an infinite variety of solutions on the campsite. From caravans to bungalows. You will be a little more “in the hotel”, and your children can, however, tell their friends: “This year I did the explorer”.